173 Agreement Pexa

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Firstly, it`s important to understand what a 173 agreement is. In Australia, a 173 agreement is a legal agreement between the government and a landowner to protect the land from subdivision and development for a specified period. This agreement is binding and can only be rescinded under certain circumstances, such as if the land is needed for public purposes.

Now, let`s consider how this relates to PEXA. PEXA, or Property Exchange Australia Ltd, is an electronic conveyancing platform used in Australia. It`s designed to simplify and streamline property transactions, making the process quicker and more efficient for everyone involved.

So, how does a 173 agreement come into play in a PEXA transaction? Well, if a property has a 173 agreement in place, it must be disclosed during the conveyancing process. This is where PEXA can be particularly useful, as it allows for the easy sharing and verification of information between parties involved in the transaction.

In fact, PEXA has recently introduced a new feature specifically for 173 agreements. This feature allows for the creation and registration of 173 agreements within the PEXA platform, making it even easier for parties to manage and verify this type of agreement during the conveyancing process.

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