Santa Cruz Air = Best in Nation

If you are reading this in Santa Cruz County, take a deep breath. The State of the Air 2010 report just named Santa Cruz air as some of the cleanest in the nation! This is great news for county residents, and provides more proof that Santa Cruz is an ideal place for investing in a home.

The report, which looked at counties across the nation, gave grades for both ozone pollution and particle pollution. Ozone pollution is the result of mixing gases such as the vapors from cars and nitrogen oxide under the hot sun, while particle pollution is composed of specks of dust, soot and aerosols suspended in the air. Santa Cruz received an “A” in both categories, however our neighbor over the hill was not so fortunate. Santa Clara County earned an “F” in both ozone and particle pollution. However to their credit it’s much easier for a coastal community to keep pollution at bay. Read the article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

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