Niche Market: Student Rentals

I want to talk a little bit about a niche market of real estate that has a lot to offer. It’s called student rentals. While some might think of Animal House upon hearing the term, I have a different perspective to offer. Here is why I think student rentals have potential as a real estate investment:

  • Student housing is in high demand
  • Quality of housing does not have to be pristine (read=lower purchase price)
  • Rents are above average

Add to these pluses that student housing is pretty much recession proof as college education does not seem to be going out of style (read more about it here) and you have a trusted property manager in town to take care of the dirty work (yours truly), why aren’t you rushing out the door to invest in student housing?

Being a specialist on the west side of Santa Cruz (the part of town closest to the UC Santa Cruz campus) I would love to take you on a tour of the properties I think have great potential for this market. Or if you already own a student rental or two, or three or seven, contact me to inquire about property management.

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